Spike Barriers
  The "Road Spike" barrier is 100% locally manufactured an designed to handle high volume of traffic and has a 100% duty cycle. The barrier and "Road Spike" are driven via two independent single-phase torque motors with an operating speed of one second for the "Road Spike" and 2.5 - 3.5 seconds for the barrier arm. The spikes will only rise after the barrier has passed through a 30º on the closing cycle. The spike automatically lowers on power failure. The compact design allows for the minimum of excavation work and simplifies the installation. The spike barrier can also be surface mounted.

  • The "Road Spike" barrier is available in either 3m or 5m options standard. Custom size units can be accommodated. Prices available on request. Barrier boom arms are manufactured extruded aluminium tubing powder coated in white with red
  • The barrier is equipped as standard with an anti pedestrian aluminium curtain suspended beneath the boom arm to prevent personal injury.
  • Left and right hand configurations are available.
  • The spikes lower before the boom arm opens. This ensures a safe passage for the vehicle to pass through. The boom arm can’t open unless the spikes have lowered completely by means of an inter-lock.
  • The spike barrier can be interfaced with single or multiple remote triggering devices.
  • The spike barrier foundation box is designed to handle 20 tons of axle load.
  • The spikes protrude 90mm above the road surface.
  • The "Road Spike" barrier's modular design allows the unit to be stripped down to small manageable sizes for easy transportation and installation.
  • Pack size: Dependent on model ordered.
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