Solar Panel

With natural resources being depleted and man made resources to be harmful to our mankind, the significance of the sun and the need to harness its energy is now being realized. Lotus International offers the best services for solar panels installation in India today.


1.) The sunlight hits the solar panels(PV) and is absorbed by semi-conducting materials such as silicone.

2.) Electrons are knocked loose from their atoms which allow them to flow through the materials to produce electricity.

3.) An array of solar panels convert the DC( Direct current) in to usable electricity.

4.) The electricity is then distributed to appliances in the house or offices.

Solar Energy Advantages

1.) Provides clean – green energy.

2.) Saves Electricity.

3.) Best return on investment.

4.) Solar energy is provided by nature – thus it is free and abundant.

5.) PV (photovoltaic) panels are completely silent, producing no noise at all.

6.) Low operating and maintenance cost.

7.) Residential solar panels are easy to install on rooftops or ground.

8.) It produces clean, renewable , sustainable and helps to protect the environment.

System Parts

1.) Solar Panels : The Pv (photovoltaic) solar panels are imported from our business partner Alternate Energy from Germany.

2.) Battery

3.) Charger

4.) Voltage regulator : To keep a check on the output of the solar panels.

5.) Inverter: Helps in power back ups.


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