Safety Technology

Whether it be hospitals, schools or discothèques, or buildings that often have thousands of people in them, security systems are essential for the safety of the buildings, fire prevention, and the safety of the people.

The interplay of the various GEZE system components, for example, automatic door drives, door closers, motor locks, emergency exit door openers, fire and danger alarm systems or access control systems all using the TZ 320 door control unit as the  "brain" of the system, forms the GEZE SecuLogic emergency exit system. This system lives up to all of the requirements made of an extremely modern, reliable and design-oriented system solution. The SecuLogic emergency exit system meets EltVTR  and DIN EN 13637.

As a web-based "all-in-one" system solution with all door components, the GEZE SecuLogic access control system meets all of the requirements made of a modern access control system. GEZE offers the system with both biometric or card-based identification modes.

Underwriting locking, reliable safeguards against burglary, quick opening in the event of an emergency and controlled access – these are the strengths of the self-locking panic locks from GEZE. Individual security concepts result in optimal solutions.

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