GEZE Project Solutions
Project solutions in Hotels

Hotels are places of tranquillity and rest, experience and meetings. Their representative character is decisive for the events and festivities that are taking place in them.

This results in particular requirements for the design of the entrance area with the lobby, restaurants, event rooms and hotel rooms within an overall security concept.

GEZE Project Solutions in Health Care
In hospitals and care facilities, the focus is on economic functionality and an atmosphere of well-being. GEZE creates tailor-made, property-related solutions for complete door, window and safety technology and provides a comprehensive range of services. All the requirements specifically related to the health sector are taken into consideration - from "barrier freedom" to the applicable laws and regulations.
GEZE Project Solutions for Barrier-Free Building
Whether in residential homes for the elderly or for the disabled, in hospitals, nursery schools or public buildings – barrier freedom has become an integral part of everyday life. GEZE realises barrier-free solutions in combination with individual safety systems whilst always keeping the environmental requirements in mind.
GEZE Project Solutions for Educational Institutions

Nursery schools, schools or universities pose specific challenges for fulfilling necessary safety criteria. GEZE supports you in implementing an overall security concept for the door and window technology during all phases of the construction project.

GEZE Project Solutions for Shop fitting and Shopping Centres

Shop fronts appear the lighter and more inviting the more filigree and easier they are incorporated into the architecture of a building. In the area of shop design, GEZE offers a remarkable variety of design options, of course also barrier-free options.
Entrance solutions – individual and inviting
Shop design starts in the entrance area. GEZE Slimdrive door systems with an unmatched low installation height of only seven centimetres impress with their functionality and shape. With the Slimdrive series, GEZE is the first provider with a programme that includes a complete product range of automatic door drives in “7-cm appearance”. The extremely low installation height enables the almost invisible integration into the facade. The system is offered from an automatic swing door and sliding and telescopic sliding doors to circular and semi-circular sliding doors.
Integrated all-glass systems – transparency for customers
Glass is one of the basic requirements for successful shop fittings. The integrated all-glass system GEZE IGG accentuates the architecture and fits harmoniously into it at the same time. Prominent superstructures or bulky frame profiles are things of the past.  GEZE IGG integrates the profiles and the fittings invisibly between the panes – without visible or bulky elements on the surface of the glass.  The printing on the glass edge is carried out on the inside of the panes, the technology disappears optically behind the print.  GEZE IGG enables a completely new appearance of the glass and provides architects with a previously unusual extent of design freedom.

GEZE Project Solutions for Train Stations and Airports

Train stations and airports are exposed to numerous risks. They require well-thought-out security solutions and the consequent implementation of the access concept. Individual solutions are required – for the public areas, as well as for areas that are only accessible to certain individuals:

  • Entrance:
    Comfortable access and building transparency through GEZE automatic drives
  • Public area:
    GEZE door technology and design glass systems to separate individual areas, e.g. waiting areas
  • Staff area:
    A well-thought-out access control system with readers on biometric and RFID basis ensures reliable access for authorised individuals.  The state of the door (open/closed) can be checked at any time.

In the event of a fire, the smoke must be diverted quickly and safely and in parallel, an evacuation must be enabled via the emergency exits. At the same time, the building must be secured against unauthorised access from the outside. The emergency exit systems and panic locks from GEZE ensure smooth operations and protect people and the building.

GEZE Project Solutions for the Area "Redevelopment of Existing Buildings"
Architecture is also always exposed to new challenges. Laws and regulations for public buildings that are being amended, changing requirements for the functionality or design or urban development concepts, trigger profound modernisations to existing buildings.
GEZE Project Solutions for Transport Technology

Particular requirement criteria must be considered when equipping means of transportation, e.g. cruise ships, railways and commercial vehicles with manual and automatic doors.  GEZE contributes to the well-being of passengers with a multitude of specially aligned door locks and automatic swing and sliding doors. They harmoniously fit into the passenger cabins or the ship architecture and at the same time, make decks and railway cars barrier-free.  
GEZE Transport Technology offers a wide programme range with door solutions for road and rail vehicles, and for ships:

  • Electromotive drives for single swing doors and single and double sliding doors
  • Sliding door fittings for manual operation
  • Door locks for the manual operation of swing and double-action doors
  • Actuating and control elements, among others sensors, buttons and pull switches
GEZE Project Solutions for individual concepts and requirements

A building reveals its character as soon as you see the design of its entrance area. GEZE Sonderkonstruktionen individually implements a high level of convenience and elegant design with state-of-the-art technology in top quality. First impressions are very important:

We offer a multitude of system solutions:
  • Corner sliding doors – any angle between 90 and 270 degrees is possible!
  • Revolving doors – Eye-catcher and “pivot” at the same time!
  • Semi-circular and circular sliding doors – drive design with only 7 cm of installation height!
Project solutions in Hotels
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